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Just like your car, your home comfort system needs routine maintenance to keep it running at its best. Without regular servicing, heating and cooling systems waste energy and are more likely to break down. But with the proper attention, they can keep you comfortable year-round.

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Modine offers a number of gas fired unit heaters for any budget and input required. The newest edition to our product line is the Effinity93, the most efficient gas fired unit heater in North America. We also offer residential and commercial separated combustion heaters featuring a tubular primary heat exchanger.

Sterling Unit Heaters and Duct are a complete heat generating and distributing plant, equipped with automatic controls and packaged in an attractive streamlined housing. Designed for ceiling mounting, they provide a convenient, low-cost method of heating stores, factories, warehouses and other large open areas comfortably.

Photos are examples of Products used here at Lakeshore Heating and Cooling.  Our HVAC professionals will choose the products that best fits your needs, always taking into consideration size of structure requiring installation.

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