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Just like your car, your home comfort system needs routine maintenance to keep it running at its best. Without regular servicing, heating and cooling systems waste energy and are more likely to break down. But with the proper attention, they can keep you comfortable year-round.

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High Efficiency Space Heating and 
Domestic Hot Water in a Compact Package
Up to 2 million BTU/h with the
 Efficiency and Reliability of the Prestige 
When you purchase a Burnham boiler, you know you’re getting the best in comfort, durability and safety. With several boilers that exceed government standards and are Energy Star® Certified, plus several that received the Consumers Digest Best Buy award, we have the right boiler to meet your needs. And as always, 
our boilers are made in America.
Photos are examples of Products used here at Lakeshore Heating and Cooling.  Our HVAC professionals will choose the products that best fits your needs, always taking into consideration size of structure requiring installation.

24 Hour Emergency Repair

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Prestige SOLO Boiler 

95% AFUE

Unit qualifies for Tax Credit

$400 Focus on Energy Rebate for most Natural Gas Models

Some restrictions apply.  Contact Lakeshore Heating & Cooling regarding applicable deadlines. 

20,000 TO 115,000 BTU/H
    With Supply and Return connections on both sides of the boiler your     installation can’t get any easier. Use the left side, the right side or         both ..the choice is yours

New Touch Screen Boiler Controller
    Express set up – Remote monitoring & diagnostics
    Easy USB programmability – 
    True native BACnet Intuitive alert system
    Easy homeowner DHW temp adjust

Built-in 4-load priority management and switching
Connect your IBC Indirect Water Tank directly to the boiler 
   without a primary loop
Industry leading turndown ratio of 5.75 : 1 
   Means you have the power to heat your home in the coldest weather    yet reduce short cycling when the weather is mild
Built-in outdoor reset control of water temperature
Better efficiency 95% AFUE
Very low water side and combustion side pressure drops
Venting up to 480 feet
Left and right clearance as low as 1″
Limited lifetime residential warranty