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Just like your car, your home comfort system needs routine maintenance to keep it running at its best. Without regular servicing, heating and cooling systems waste energy and are more likely to break down. But with the proper attention, they can keep you comfortable year-round.

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Lakeshore Heating & Cooling does Commercial work too!  Over 6,000 ft of radiant tubing is installed within the concrete floor of this commercial building.  A Triangle Tube Prestige SOLO Fully Modulating Boiler heats the water within the tubing, to keep this commercial space comfortable, and employee's feet - warm.  Let us find a solution to your comfort issues!
Lakeshore Heating & Cooling installed a Water to Air Geothermal Unit in this new home for their heating & cooling needs with a ground loop system.  Properly installed Geothermal systems can save you up to 60% in heating & Cooling costs.  
There is still a 30% Tax Credit, no cap, available  on geothermal installations through 2016.  Call your local, qualified installer -
Lakeshore Heating & Cooling  
Did we mention...  We also do Agricultural work?  Lakeshore Heating & Cooling does it all!  From Residential, Commercial to Agricultural we have solutions to all your heating, cooling, and ventilation concerns.  
Pagel's Ponderosa Dairy, LLC - 2008

Two Burnham Boilers (280,000 BTU's each), in a 6-Zone System provide Radiant Heat to 10,000 linear feet of Rehau Tubing within the concrete of the Milking Parlor, Administrative Offices, Herdsman Office, Breakroom, Restrooms, Milkhouse & Laundry Room.  There are (2) Coleman Furnaces and (2) Coleman Air Conditioners to provide 9 tons of cooling to the Administrative Office Areas, including the Reception Area and Viewing Area on the 2nd floor.

UPDATE!  When constructed, we installed (2) Burnham boilers to heat this parlor with 6 zones of radiant heat.  Those boilers are now backup, as we have recovered the excess heat generated from their on-farm digester, to heat their parlor and office space - free!
St. Paul's School- Ellisville, WI 
Garage-Living Quarters, Luxemburg, WI

This 2,880 Square Foot Garage with Living Quarters is heated with radiant tubing installed within the concrete.  The tubing can be hooked to an outdoor woodstove, Boiler, or Water to Water Geothermal. 
A Sanyo Unit is a great option for those homes with Hot Water Heat, who would like Air Conditioning.  A condenser is installed outside, and can be hooked to multiple indoor units, providing air conditioning for those areas in the home.  As seen here, the indoor unit is mounted to the inside of an exterior wall, near the ceiling.   
St. Paul’s Lutheran School showcases the Heil line.  Using a 15 Ton Packaged Roof Top Unit to heat & cool the gym area, and 
(3) 100,000 BTU Heil Furnaces, and (3) Heil Condensing Units with 11 Tons of Cooling, maintains comfortable temperatures throughout the classrooms & office areas. 
Cedar Valley Pub

We also install spiral ductwork which can be custom painted to match your décor.

In this application of a heat-cold air ductwork system was ran along the ceiling.  The color of the ductwork works great with the woodwork in the ceiling and accent color of this establishment.  Of course keeping their customers comfortable and enjoying their stay!
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